Maximo integration with Deltek Costpoint

Maximo integration with Deltek Costpoint enables communication between accounting, operations, and maintenance teams, giving you greater visibility and control in one scalable solution. Deltek Costpoint offers Government Contractors unparalleled project management, accounting, reporting and compliance features integrated with Maximo so you get the exact functionality you need to increase efficiency and improve profitability.

  • Bi-directional integration between Maximo and Deltek CostPoint ensures data consistency across both systems.

  • Integrates Maximo Work Orders, Assets, Accounting Codes, Labor, and other related data wtih Deltek CostPoint.

  • Supports linking of project abbrev codes activities Deltek CostPoint. with work performed on Maximo workorders.

  • Updates Maximo with the new schedules, logic and activities from Deltek CostPoint.

  • Customizable mapping of data attributes and the use of logic tables for added flexibility.

  • Configurable rules to support multiple Organizations, sites and also multiple Deltek CostPoint instances.

  • Uses Deltek CostPoint approved APIs and Maximo Business Objects.

Are you ready for a streamlined approach to the projects that define your business?